ENGLISH 2010 (Intermediate Writing)

My Mid-Term Portfolio:

- Profile Paper -


In this class I was required to write a profile about somebody I admired and respected. I chose my favorite Film director, Robert Rodriguez because he’s a huge inspiration to me.

A Magnificent Director:

The website I used a lot for a reference in this assignment was imdb.com. I did not face any challenges in completing this assignment. The only reason I picked this assignment to be in my ePortfolio is because it’s a course requirement. This project demonstrates that I know how to write a Profile paper. It helped me learn how to write for a famous celebrity or magazine.

- How-To Paper -

How to Shoot Pigeons Without Trouble:
How to shoot Pigeons - 4th Draft.doc How to shoot Pigeons - 4th Draft.doc
Size : 1244.5 Kb
Type : doc

The English 2010 class also required me to write a How-To Paper. I decided to write an Instructional paper on how to shoot pigeons with water cannons. I chose to write about shooting pigeons because it’s a fun sport to participate in when you’re stressed out with homework.


I had to search Google images and cite many sources to complete this assignment. The only major challenge I faced was enhancing pigeon images in Photoshop, which took several hours to complete. I picked this assignment to appear on this page because shooting pigeons is fun and everyone should read about it and try it out. This assignment demonstrates that I can be a freelance writer someday. This assignment also shows that I have become a better writer since English 1010.

- Community Writing Project -

Decisions are made by those who show up:

Our Proposal.doc Our Proposal.doc
Size : 34.5 Kb
Type : doc

In this class I was required to work on a Group Proposal about Voting. The group decided this was the best topic to report-on because of the problems associated with Utah. We discuss the problems in our Proposal and Public Service Announcement.


When it came to the group proposal, I wrote the context and revised the whole paper three different times. The only challenges I faced was the common stress associated with school, I addressed this challenge by taking frequent breaks. I picked this assignment for my ePortfolio because Voting is a necessity, just like breathing—that and it’s a course requirement. Nonetheless, this assignment only opened my eyes to the statistics; I already knew people found voting boring. This assignment helped me to expand on my writing skills in better punctuation.

PSA.doc PSA.doc
Size : 30 Kb
Type : doc

One of the genre pieces I was assigned to work on in our group was the script for our PSA. Although I later had the chance to film, produce, direct and edit the Public Service Announcement—I was just happy to be a part of the team. 

The process of writing and producing the PSA was a walk in the park for me; I contacted my boss at SLCCTV and got his permission to film our group project before I wrote the script. I did not face any challenges in completing the assignment. I picked this assignment for my ePortfolio because it’s a requirement and because it’s cool. This assignment demonstrates that I’ve been educated in video production while illustrating the problems in Utah voting.

I made a flyer as one of the genre pieces for the group assignment. I volunteered because flyers are the easiest projects to work on in the advertising world. Here is my flyer and I hope you enjoy the colors.

Flyer.doc Flyer.doc
Size : 293 Kb
Type : doc

When working on the flyer, I searched Google images for the best picture that would convince people to vote—my search led me to a voting pin. I faced no challenges or stress in completing this document; I simply followed the guidelines of our text book. I picked this assignment for my ePortfolio because it was the genre piece I worked on. This assignment demonstrates that I now know how to work on a class flyer. It illustrates there are specific citations that need to be documented in papers like this.

Fact Sheet.doc Fact Sheet.doc
Size : 158.5 Kb
Type : doc

Our group was required to work on a fact sheet concerning voting in Utah as part of our Community Writing Project. Here it is…

The process I went through to get this assignment is I asked Brandon to work on it while I did the Flyer and PSA. I really faced no challenges in completing the fact sheet because I never worked on it. The only reason it’s on my ePortfolio is because it was done in our group and it’s an online requirement for our CWP. However, if it demonstrates anything, it proves that the facts in our proposal are accurate.


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